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Prof Development Journal

Professional Development - for Certification Cycle 6/2011 through 6/2014

Date Activity Name Hours
Location/Notes Artifact/Ref
 06/2011 ISTE Conference 25 Philadelphia PA  Online  Blog Journal
 07/2011      Google 6 Tutorials & Exams for Trainer        
 25  Online  Exam Transcript
 08/2011      Google Apps for Edu - School Workshop    
 5  Presenter in Derry Summer Inst 
 08/2011  Retool Your School
Application Implementation
08/2011  District Technology Committee  Meeting
 6  Lebanon, NH
 DTC Haiku Site
 08/2011      DTC Prep and Followup
 4  Lebanon, NH / Online
 DTC Haiku Site
  09/2011 Google Groups for LebApps    
 LebApps Groups
 09/2011         Creating Student Accounts in Subdomain in Leb Apps Tutorials & Application    
 6 Online Student Accounts in LebApps
 09/2011     DTC Prep, Meeting and Followup
 10 Lebanon, NH/Online
 DTC AGenda
 Google Sites for Portfolio     
 20      Online
PAC Site
 10/11/2011    LebApps Training for Administrators        
 2.5 Sacred Heart, Lebanon, NH    
 10/19/2011    IPADs in Pk-5 Edu    
 5 SPDC, Exeter, NH
 10/20/2011    IPAD/APP Setup & Training Prep for PS    
 8 Office/Online IPADS Delivered
 11/2011  Erate Training
 8  Orlando, FL
 Successful erate
 11/2/2011     Staff Training Google Sites & Mail
 6 Hanover Street School
 SignUp Sheet
 11/7/2011 Staff Training Google Apps for Edu    
 6 Mount Lebanon School
 Signup Sheet
 12/2011     CMC: Middle School Country Study
 5  Presentation Manchester, NH
 CMC Site
 12/2011 CMC: Photostory & Digital Portfolio MS Language Arts
 4 (co present)
 Presentation Manchester NH
 CMC Site
Presentation Link
 12/2011  CMC: 21st Century  MS Reading & Literacy, w/ Stephanie Karabaic
 1 (co present)
 Presentation Manchester NH    
 CMC Site
Presentation Link
 12/2011      Google Certified Trainer Application    
 8+  Online      GCT

Technology In Education, M.Ed. Lesley University - 6/2008-5/2011 Graduation May 21, 2011

Date Course Title Grade Location/Notes Artifact/Ref
 06/2011 Online Teaching: Course Design Development & Strategies
 A Lesley University
(3 Credits)
 04/2011 Online Teaching: Building Communities
 A Lesley University
(3 Credits)
12/2010 Website Design and HTML: For Edu    
 A Lesley University
(3 Credits)
 Technology: Impact on Society & Schools  
 A Lesley University
 (3 Credits)
07/2010 Teaching & Learning w/ Digital Media A
Lesley University
(3 Credits)
05/2010 Online Teaching: Assessment and Evaluation A
Lesley University (3 Credits)
01/2010 Online Teaching: Intro for K-12 Educators A
Lesley University (3 Credits)
09/2009 Fundamentals of Computer Structure A
Lesley University (3 Credits)
06/2009 Classroom Assessment with Technology A
Lesley University (3 Credits)
01/2009 Designing Curriculum that Integrates Technology A
Lesley University (3 Credits)
09/2008 WWW as and Educational Resource A
 Lesley University (3 Credits)
06/2008 Computers, Technology, and Education A
Lesley University (3 Credits)
Professional Activities 2008-2011 (Recertification 6/2011)
Date Event Name   Location/Notes Artifact/Ref
4/1/10 21st Century Learner Conference Attendee Merideth NH, NHEON Sponsored  
3/15/10 Sakai Course Training for Teachers Presenter SAU 88, LHS See Handout
1/23/10 Technology Integration Presenter SAU 88, LJHS  
12/01/09 Sakai NH Collab Presentation Presenter Christa McCuliffe Conference NH Collab
9/23/2009 ERATE New Admin Training Attendee Newark, NJ (USAC Training) Lebanon Erate (6 HR)
06/03/09 First Class Training Day Attendee Brattleboro, VT Handout
05/2009 Sakai Course Training Attendee Pembroke, SAU 53 Lebanon Sakai (4HR)
05/2009 Sakai Portfolio Training Attendee Lebanon Junior High School Lebanon Portfolios

Sakai NH Collaborative Admin
Monthly 4-6 hour meetings/trainings

Member SAU 53, NH Collab NH Collab
01/2008 Apple Training: Mac OSX200: Mac OSX Service Essentials v. 104 (4 Days) Attendee Boston, MA Certificate
11/2007 Thunderbird Email, School Notes, and IMovie for Digital Storytelling Presenter Bedford High School Staff Development Certificate
12/2007 Christa McCuliffe Conference Attendee Special Needs, Podcasting, SmartBoard, Web 2.0,  
11/28/07 How to Use ePortfolios in Your School-Christa McCuliffe/NHSTE Presenter Use of ePortfolio as a form of assessment at the classroom level and for overall student achievement. PowerPoint Handout
8/2007 Competency Based Assessment Training & New High School Orientation Attendee Bedford High School, NH
9/2007 Digital Storytelling with Jason Ohler - NHSTE Attendee Manchester, NH  
12/11/06 ICT Portfolio Solutions Info Session-Department of Eduction/Keene School District Attendee ICT requirements from NH and how schools are meeting them. Example HS Portfolio
12/15/06 Creating Web Pages I - Keene State College Continuing Education Student HTML Introductory to making a basic web page Sample Site
1/2006 ICT Literacy Standards for NH, CACES Attendee Presenter, Cathy Higgins Certificate
1/21/07 Creating Web Pages II - Keene State College Student Advanced HTML Authoring Certificate
2/23/07 Introduction to Dreamweaver MX Student Keene State Ed2Go Online This Web Site!
6/27/07 NECC - Moodle Workshop Attendee Atlanta, BA - University Use  
6/27/07 NECC - Presentation Devices; Student Response Systems, Web 2.0, Attendee Atlanta, GA  
6/ 2005 NECC - ISTE Conference , Philadelphia, PA Attendee Integrated Technology Projects focus - NH Famous Person Project  
11/2006 Christa McCuliffe Technology Conference Attendee Researched k-8 portfolio "focus" Portfolio Development K-5
2005-06 Power School User Group Meetings. Attended various monthly meetings Attendee    
10/2005 Self-led instruction on Frontpage using Atomic Learning and web resources. Student Teaching web design for the first time using Frontpage. SSD Web Site (Screen Shot & Newspaper Article)
2005-06 Restructured and lead technology committee for the district with development of Technology Plan Leader Collaboration and communicaiton in developing a well defined technology plan. SSD Tech Plan
BAC Presentation
10/2005 National Business Educator Conference, Iselin, NJ Attendee Trends in Business Education, Technology Integration with Multimedia Digital Story Grade 3
11/2006 IDVD/IMOVIE Workshop at Christa McCuliffe Conference - Handson class Student Learned how to complete the IMOVIE/IDVD process SCES Renovation Movie
11/05 & 5/06 Achieving Standards in Literacy & Technology Workshop Presenter for SERESC & Keene, NH Incorporate web resources with a projector (FREE STUFF) that help meet competency/standard objectives and embed technology. ASILT PowerPoint
1/25/06 ICT Literacy Standards for NH CACES and NH Educational Technology How ICT Literacy standards are being and can be met. Definitions. Certificate
12/2005 Christa McCuliffe Technology Conference Attendee Nashua, NH Certificate
12/2004 Windows Server 2003 Onsite Training Attendee Sunapee, NH (Tek Connect, NJ) Management of Network Successful
2004-05 PowerSchool Users Group Meetings Attendee Bedford NH (for Sunapee District)  
5/2004 Technology Mentor (2003-2004) Mentor Newport School District Certificate
12/2004 Christa McCuliffe Conference Attendee Nashua NH Certificate
2003-04 Technology Committee Member Committee Newport School District  
6/2004 NECC - National Education Computing Conference Attendee New Orleans, LA Certifcate
3/2004 Connected Classroom Conference Attendee Boston, MA Certificate
1/2004 Keyboarding Research for the Elementary Curriculum Self Directed Self Directed Research on Elementary Keyboarding Implementation Successful in Newport & Sunapee Districts
3/2003 Connected Classroom Conference Attendee Boston, MA Certifcate
3/2003 Brainpop & Multiple Intelligence Presenter Newport School District Certificate/Photo
2/2003 Selecting K-12 Software Attendee Connected University Certificate
1/2003 "Technology My Way" for Teachers Presenter Newport School District Certificate/Outline
12/2002 Christa McCuliffe Technology Conference Attendee Nashua, NH Certificate
10/2002 Eastern Business Ecuation Association Convention Attendee Portland Maine, EBEA Certificate
5/2002 Troubleshooting School Technology Attendee Connected University Certificate
8/2001 Management Strategies in the Technology Classroom Attendee Connected University Certificate


How to Troubleshoot, TuneUp and Maintain PC's Attendee ComputerMaster, (Manchester, NH) Certificate
6/2001 Intermediate Access Applications Attendee New Horizons Computer Learning Center, Nashua NH Certificate
7/2001 Intermediate Word Applications Attendee New Horizons Computer Learning Center, Nashua, NH Certificate
5/2001 How to Integrate Technology in the Classroom Attendee Bureau of Education & Research, South Portland Maine Certificate, .5 CEU
2/2001 Tech Tutor: Email, Internet, Integration Presenter InService, Newport School District  
1/2001 How to Use Scanner & Digital Camera Presenter InService, Newport School District  
3/2001 Introduction to EPals for Teachers Presenter InService, Newport School District  
4/2001 Using PowerPoint in the Classroom Presenter InService, Newport School District  
11/2000 Christa McCuliffe Technology Conference Attendee Nashua, NH Certificate
8/1999 EClass Grades, KRSD Attendee Introduction to using Electronic Grading System, KRSD Certificate
8/1999 Valley Quest Attendee KRSD, Professional Activity Certificate
8/1999 Introduction to Curriculum Mapping, KRSD Attendee Inservice Workshop, KRSD Certificate
11/1999 Universal Precautions, KRSD Attendee Universal Precaution Workshop Certificate
4/2000 Assessment Workshop, KRSD Attendee Assessment Strategies for the Classroom Certificate
4/2000 Grade Portfolio/Profile, KRSD Attendee Use of Grade Profile for 9th Grade Portfolios Certificate
8/2000 Microsoft Access Self Tutorial (Indepth) Self-Taught Advanced use of Access for SkiNH  
8/2001 Classroom Connect, Connected University Online Attendee Computer Basics & Application Certificate
8/1999 Using the Internet, KRSD Attendee Inservice Workshop KRHS Certificate
8/1999 Hyperstudio Workshop, KRSD Attendee Inservice Workshop, KRHS


3/1999 PRAXIS Exam Examinee PRAXIS Testing Score Report
1996-98 NH Real Estate - Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Licensee State of NH Real Estate Commission License
10/1996 Coldwell Banker FastStart Program Attendee Coldwell Banker University Certificate
4/1995 American Management Association Member   Certficate
4/1995 American Management Association, Training the Trainer 5 Day Intensive Training Attendee Boston, MA Certificate, 2.8 CEU
10/1995 AMA, Fundamentals of Sales Management for the Newly Appointed Sale Manager Attendee Boston, MA Certificate, 1.8 CEU
11/1994 Credibility, Composure, and Confidence Attendee Skill Path, Manchester, NH Certificate, .6 CEU
10/1994 Microsoft Office, Intro Seminar Attendee Fred Pryor Seminars Certificate
1991-1994 Highest % and Volume sales Increase Awards Salesperson Borlind of Germany Announcement
4/1991 Training Seminar as Annemarie Borlind Cosmetic Teacher Attendee Calw-Altburg, GERMANY Diploma