Google 4 Me

Introduction to Google-What’s in it for me?
Google Drive allows you to access your folders and files from anywhere on any device.  If you have an individual Gmail account or you belong to an organization that has adopted Google Apps for Edu you can make good use of these FREE tools.  Learn how to use an entire suite of applications (Word, Sheets, Slides, Draw and Forms), how to share and collaborate, even publish to the web!  

Pre Assessment Survey

1 Let's Cover the Account Basics .5

Freedom in the Cloud - Anytime anywhere access to all your docs and files
    • Create a document - it is always there.
    • Bring your docs - from your cpu to the cloud. Now those are always there.
Lot's of storage
    • What counts againsts your quota
    • What doesn't
Sharing is sooo easy
    • Share with Anyone - Common Document
      • Editing
    • Share with specific others(with gmail or apps account) (Add group to the same Document)
      • Viewer
      • Editor
      • Comment
      • NO Gmail account? Send as an attachment!
    • Collaboration
      • Editing a document together
      • Chatting
      • Comments
    • sharing with the Public or Publishing to the Web
      • Share settings - Anyone can view OR
      • Publish to the web
4 Google Docs Introduction - WYSK .5
  • Formatting Text
  • Hyperlink
  • Insert Image
  • Insert Drawing
  • Research Tool
5 Google Sheets - WYSK .5
  • Create Sheet
  • Enter Data
  • Formatting Data/Cells
  • Simple Functions
  • Insert Chart
(the collaboration extra's)
  • Insert Comment
  • Notifications (need collaborators)
  • Protect Sheet
6 Google Slides .5
  • Create Presentation
  • Insert Slide
  • Insert Image
  • Insert Animation
  • Insert Transition
7 Google Forms
  • Create a Form
  • Questions Types
  • Create an opinion poll
  • Email Form/View Live Form/Take Survey
8 Google Sites
  • Create a blank site
  • Hyperlink your form
  • Embed your form