Paperless Classroom

Google Forms ~ Use for 'pre-assessment'  & icebreaker.
Before you begin this course, I would like to get an idea of what your already know about this topic. Please complete the survey below. Be sure to include your name and email address as I will use this information to also send your 'certificate' and set up other course materials. Thank you.
gClass Folders ~ Get your gClass Spreadsheet here
Please watch the tutorial on the right how to set up your shared folder for my classroom.  We will also do this together in class.
  • Always create documents for this class in your Assignment Folder.
  • If you need a class template, look in the 'view folder'
Assignment Collector  ~ 
Please hand In your 
  • View links to all assignments in one spreadsheet
Doctopus ~ gClass Leveling  up!
  • Push a doc out to each assignment  folder.
  • Auto shared.
  • Auto linked (automate assignment collector)
  • Can turn on and off editing.
  • Can email grades and feedback.
Kidpicker  ~
Sites ~ LMS  ~ Example Project Adopt A Country
  • Post instructions, announcements, examples and more.
Forms ~ Flubaroo
  • Formative assessment  quiz/test  ~ 
  • Summative assessment quiz/test
  • Paperless Classroom Quiz Demo

The Paperless Classroom

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